Major T-Mobile Outage

After 6 hours and 51 minutes

We're starting to see calls to and from T-Mobile complete as expected. While it may be overnight for things to normalize, it appears services are restoring or are restored with high volumes. We'll mark this as resolved this for now, and if they make public a root cause we'll be sure to share. As always, contact us if you have any questions or issues. Happy calling!! - ❤️ team smpl

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We've heard from our customers and carrier partners that T-Mobile is experiencing a major nationwide outage for Voice and SMS. Other wireless carriers are also reporting additional issues, however not as severe. All of our systems are healthy, and being monitored.

Unfortunately, as this issue is on T-Mobile (which includes Metro, Boost, Virgin Mobile, and Sprint) as a whole, there is no way for us to connect with them through any other means. Their team has acknowledged this publically, and we'll continue to provide updates so that our customers are aware. (VP of Technology, T-Mobile)

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 844-404-smpl.

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Affected components
  • Services
    • Voice Platform
    • Messages (SMS/MMS)